A Healthy Craving!

I had a craving for one of my favorite salads for lunch today. It's so simple...sliced cherry tomatoes, chopped avocado, and feta crumbles. Drizzle on a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and voila! A flavor explosion full of nutrients!

It's Atkins compliant, but the tomatoes and avocado are a bit on the high-carb side for veggies. So I'll just scale back slightly for the rest of the day.

I Think This Glycolic Acid is Actually Working!

So the picture on the left is from about a week and a half ago. The picture on the right is from half an hour ago. The lighting is a little bit different (evening vs afternoon), but I'm definitely seeing less bumpiness and pigmentation. I've only been applying once per day, after I get out of the shower. Maybe in another week or so I'll up it to twice per day, after my skin builds up a tolerance to it. So far so good, I think?


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