What's Going On?

A few weeks ago I posted that I was sure that I had gained weight...but when I got on the scale I was pleasantly surprised that I had lost a few pounds! This morning I was absolutely sure that I would see a drop on the scale. My jeans were feeling slightly looser, I was noticing a definite difference in my lower tummy (the baby pooch, I call it), I had been adhering to Atkins really well, and...nothing. Well actually not just nothing, I was up a pound! 203.1. Grrrrr.

On the Atkins message boards I see lots of people posting that they try not to look at the scale, but focus on their shape and how their clothes fit. But I just don't get it. If my clothes are feeling looser and the baby pooch is definitely flatter, then why wouldn't a difference show on the scale? Is it simply water retention? But if so, where is the water parking itself on me? Or pooling itself on me, I should say.

So I took an update photo, just to convince myself that I'm not going crazy. I can surely see …

This Was Unexpected!

I had convinced myself that I had gained weight. My adherence to Atkins was, I felt, not committed enough, and the trip to Austin was a C+ on the Diet-O-Meter. My clothes felt like they were tighter, not looser. I hadn't gotten on the scale for a while out of dread for what I would see.

However, when I mustered up the courage and stepped on the scale this morning, I had to do a double take. 202.2!

Since I wasn't strictly following Atkins over the past month, I had to stop and think about my eating and exercise patterns. What had I done differently that caused the weight loss? I have been under a rather high amount of stress lately, and I think my appetite went down. I haven't been keeping a food diary so I didn't really pay attention to that. Also, I've been conscious of incorporating more movement into my day, whether it be actual exercise or more passive things, like standing instead of sitting.

Whatever the reason, I'll take it!

So these photos are taken about 3 months after posting the first, 10 pounds lighter. Not a huge amount of weight lost for 3 months, but hey! I think I can see a bit of difference in my tummy when I compare them to the January photos.


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