What's Going On?

A few weeks ago I posted that I was sure that I had gained weight...but when I got on the scale I was pleasantly surprised that I had lost a few pounds! This morning I was absolutely sure that I would see a drop on the scale. My jeans were feeling slightly looser, I was noticing a definite difference in my lower tummy (the baby pooch, I call it), I had been adhering to Atkins really well, and...nothing. Well actually not just nothing, I was up a pound! 203.1. Grrrrr.

On the Atkins message boards I see lots of people posting that they try not to look at the scale, but focus on their shape and how their clothes fit. But I just don't get it. If my clothes are feeling looser and the baby pooch is definitely flatter, then why wouldn't a difference show on the scale? Is it simply water retention? But if so, where is the water parking itself on me? Or pooling itself on me, I should say.

So I took an update photo, just to convince myself that I'm not going crazy. I can surely see …

Divorce, Kids, and Custody

I intended this blog to be an honest journal about the good, the bad, and the ugly, mostly about my weight loss journey. But since I threw "Motherhood" into the description as well, I think I can get my thoughts out about what went down yesterday. This blog has been helping to clear my mind, which was one of my goals with it.

One of my twins, I'll call him JR, has been having a lot of difficulties with my ex. JR is 12, turning 13 next month. Their personalities just seem to clash.
JR is now saying that he doesn't want to live with his dad anymore. My ex and I share 50-50 custody. Yesterday, as I was dropping JR off at his dad's house, JR refused to get out of the car. Apparently the night before, his dad's girlfriend told his dad (who was not there at the time) that JR "disrespected" her by slamming a door. JN, JR's twin, witnessed it and said that JR did not slam any doors and did not disrespect her. But, their dad went on to tell JR that if he ever disrespected his girlfriend again, he would "beat him".

Adding onto this episode with something that happened earlier in the week, JR hurt his shoulder playing on his flag football team. He was in quite a bit of pain, but his dad refused to take him to the doctor. I highly encouraged him to do so, but his dad was adamant that it was nothing and would heal on its own time. Since this was his custody time, there was nothing I could do about it. However, Joren's school counselor called me a few days ago to talk about it, and seemed very concerned that his dad refused to take him to the doctor.

My other two boys don't seem to have as many of the difficulties with their dad that JR does. Granted, they will come to me when they think their dad is being unreasonable and mean, but so far nothing has risen to the level of abuse, as this situation seems to.

Sigh, I have a feeling we might end up in court again.


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