What's Going On?

A few weeks ago I posted that I was sure that I had gained weight...but when I got on the scale I was pleasantly surprised that I had lost a few pounds! This morning I was absolutely sure that I would see a drop on the scale. My jeans were feeling slightly looser, I was noticing a definite difference in my lower tummy (the baby pooch, I call it), I had been adhering to Atkins really well, and...nothing. Well actually not just nothing, I was up a pound! 203.1. Grrrrr.

On the Atkins message boards I see lots of people posting that they try not to look at the scale, but focus on their shape and how their clothes fit. But I just don't get it. If my clothes are feeling looser and the baby pooch is definitely flatter, then why wouldn't a difference show on the scale? Is it simply water retention? But if so, where is the water parking itself on me? Or pooling itself on me, I should say.

So I took an update photo, just to convince myself that I'm not going crazy. I can surely see …

Aging and Wrinkles in My 40s

Do I look old now, or just fat? Or does being fat make me look old?

Before I started to gain all of this weight, which was about 10 years ago, people were always surprised when I told them my age. They usually assumed I was at least 5-7 years younger.

I grew up in the hot desert southwest in the 1980s, where tans were ubiquitous (and almost socially mandatory) for teen girls. I, however, had pale Scottish skin, strawberry blond hair, and blue eyes. I didn't tan. So while I got a few sunburns in the quest to fit in with my tan friends, I eventually threw in the towel and heeded the guidance of my Mother: wear sunscreen. I wore sunscreen religiously on my face from the time I was 16. I credit my wise and wonderful Mom for my lack of wrinkles today.

I look at pictures of myself when the twins were little, before I started to gain weight, and I still looked like a hot mama! Has the weight gain aged my looks, or will I still look middle-aged when I lose the weight? My skin is largely wrinkle free at the moment, save for some slight mid-brow furrows (I've never had botox for those). What will the wrinkle situation be when I lose the weight? Will my skin be saggy?

I have an old friend whom I have known since elementary school. She had gastric bypass surgery two years after she, her family, and her doctors decided that her health was at risk due to obesity. She has lost all of the weight and looks phenomenal! However, she has a lot more wrinkles now than before the surgery. She thinks that the extra fat was plumping up her face. But in my opinion, her new wrinkles actually look good on her - she's one of the lucky few where that actually happens! Plus, she looks blissfully healthy.

I was inspired to write this post after clicking through an entertainment website that had photos of female stars back in the 70s, and photos of them now. They all looked like there were ageing naturally and gracefully: Beverly Johnson, Meryl Streep, Marilu Henner, Lauren Hutton, Christie Brinkley, Sally Field, Jaclyn Smith, Jacqueline Bisset, Victoria Principal, Kim Basinger, and of course the incredible Helen Mirren! They look amazing, without the plastic surgery-induced alien face that is becoming the norm (cough Meg Ryan cough). Much of it I'm sure is genetics, but also is probably a lifetime of taking care of their skin and themselves. If they have had work done, it is very minimal and subtle. No trout pout for those ladies!


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