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What's Going On?

A few weeks ago I posted that I was sure that I had gained weight...but when I got on the scale I was pleasantly surprised that I had lost a few pounds! This morning I was absolutely sure that I would see a drop on the scale. My jeans were feeling slightly looser, I was noticing a definite difference in my lower tummy (the baby pooch, I call it), I had been adhering to Atkins really well, and...nothing. Well actually not just nothing, I was up a pound! 203.1. Grrrrr.

On the Atkins message boards I see lots of people posting that they try not to look at the scale, but focus on their shape and how their clothes fit. But I just don't get it. If my clothes are feeling looser and the baby pooch is definitely flatter, then why wouldn't a difference show on the scale? Is it simply water retention? But if so, where is the water parking itself on me? Or pooling itself on me, I should say.

So I took an update photo, just to convince myself that I'm not going crazy. I can surely see …

A Big Test Is Coming Up!

Next week my husband, my oldest son, and I are heading to Austin. Specifically, we're taking my son (I'll call him JS, since I'm still doing this blog anonymously!) to visit the University of Texas. My hubby went to graduate school there, and his description to JS of what an incredible experience it was has brought UT Austin to the top 5 of JS's college choices.

JS has a lot of potential options for universities. He has a stellar GPA, takes honors and AP courses, and plays multiple sports. Can you tell I'm a proud Mama? But one of the main things he's looking for in addition to a top-notch academic program is a school that is within a city which has a lot going, food, festivals, sports, etc. Austin appears to fit the bill.

However this "test" to which I referred in the title of this post is not for JS and his college admissions, but a big test for me! I know that a trip to Austin is, for many, considered to be a culinary adventure. I'm …

Because St. Patrick's Day Comes Only Once a Year...


Back in the Saddle

So I didn't completely fall off the wagon. I was so discouraged by my weight gain that I went off Atkins for a week or so, but I did not go hog wild with the carbs (unlike past times). I continued to eat healthfully, but did not follow any specific diet.

In my frustration I seriously considered trying something else. I looked into the Lose It app, thought about Weight Watchers, researched the Kaiser weight loss program, etc. But nothing seemed to provide the structure that Atkins does while minimizing that sense of deprivation that has derailed me so many times.

During this time off Atkins, I really looked at the foods I gravitated towards. They were definitely not vegetables. I really do eat more vegetables while on Atkins, and I possibly eat more of them than I should...veggies do have carbs, after all. But when I'm left to my own devices, I can go all day without even thinking about a vegetable.

One of the intentions of my "reset" was to look at the long-term gain…