Poikiloderma of Civatte

Well, bugger. I'm pretty sure I've figured out what is going on with the skin on my neck and chest, and it isn't simple aging. Well yes, it is aging, but something else added on.

I grew up in the desert southwest, and sometimes used sunscreen. I didn't diligently start using sunscreen until I was in my late teens, although I wasn't an avid sunbather. I have strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, so a deep golden tan just wasn't in the cards for me. But I did get my share of sunburns.

When I did start to regularly use sunscreen, I focused on my face. I really didn't pay any attention to my neck or chest. Weeeell, now I'm seeing the consequences.

My oldest son had a lacrosse tournament yesterday in Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful sunny day in a gorgeous beach town, about 80 degrees with a nice ocean breeze. I was prepared...lots of sunscreen and a very wide brimmed straw sun hat, long sleeves. When we got home around 10pm last night, I took a sho…

Num Num Omelettes!

It's awesome when one of my favorite comfort foods happens to be Atkins-friendly! I had a bit of extra time this morning and found that, lo and behold, I just happened to have every ingredient of my favorite omelette in the fridge!

I discovered this omelette in a cutesy little cafe when I was in college back in the '90s. My college sweetheart and I would go to this cafe for weekend brunch when we had a little bit of extra money (which wasn't very often in those college years!) just to have this omelette.

It's fairly rustic, but the flavors are gonzo! Smoked salmon, goat cheese, and capers. That's it. So simple, but they blend together so perfectly! I sneak some fresh greens into it when I have them on hand, as I did this morning. I think I overdid it with the smoked salmon, as it was a little heavy when I went to flip it (as you can see from the photo).

What a great start to my Tuesday!


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