A Healthy Craving!

I had a craving for one of my favorite salads for lunch today. It's so simple...sliced cherry tomatoes, chopped avocado, and feta crumbles. Drizzle on a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and voila! A flavor explosion full of nutrients!

It's Atkins compliant, but the tomatoes and avocado are a bit on the high-carb side for veggies. So I'll just scale back slightly for the rest of the day.

Material (Atkins) Girl

I've had "Material Girl" from Madonna stuck in my head for a couple of days. It was playing over the loudspeaker at my local Whole Foods (which typically always has '80s music blasting). They seemed to be on a Madonna kick that day.

Low Carb Version with Chicken

Anyhoo, since I've had the song stuck in my head and it started to drive me bonkers, I began thinking up other lyrics for the main refrain: "Living in a Carb-Filled World, and I am a Keto Girl!" being my favorite. My favorite because that's how I'm feeling right now! That sense of deprivation is hitting me hard.

One of the cool things about Atkins recipes is that they can be adapted to satisfy both the ketogenic and non-ketogenic eaters. I saw this recipe for Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mushroom Chicken on Facebook numerous times and it looked awesome, so I made it for my family (hubby, three sons, two stepdaughters). I actually had to adapt it three ways, as my stepdaughters are vegetarians.

If you follow the recipe exactly, you can use one skillet. I did it that way the first time in my cast iron skillet just for my husband and myself. It was divine! But for the whole crew, I modified it a bit, to fit their various culinary tastes.

I made the chicken separately in the slow cooker as it was a very busy day and I wanted to save some time after picking up all the kids from their various activities. You don't get that lovely golden pan-fried crispiness that way, but at least I gained a little extra time on the back end.

I added extra mushrooms and spinach to the scrumptious creamy sauce, as it's become almost second nature for me now to sneak in extra veggies to everything I'm cooking. Then a separate big pot of fettuccine for everyone except me. So in the end, the girls had the creamy sauce over pasta, the boys and hubs had the sauce and chicken over pasta. and I had the sauce and chicken. Three birds with one stone! Love it!

Vegetarian Version over Fettuccine


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