Poikiloderma of Civatte

Well, bugger. I'm pretty sure I've figured out what is going on with the skin on my neck and chest, and it isn't simple aging. Well yes, it is aging, but something else added on.

I grew up in the desert southwest, and sometimes used sunscreen. I didn't diligently start using sunscreen until I was in my late teens, although I wasn't an avid sunbather. I have strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, so a deep golden tan just wasn't in the cards for me. But I did get my share of sunburns.

When I did start to regularly use sunscreen, I focused on my face. I really didn't pay any attention to my neck or chest. Weeeell, now I'm seeing the consequences.

My oldest son had a lacrosse tournament yesterday in Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful sunny day in a gorgeous beach town, about 80 degrees with a nice ocean breeze. I was prepared...lots of sunscreen and a very wide brimmed straw sun hat, long sleeves. When we got home around 10pm last night, I took a sho…

Kundalini Yoga

I've never liked to exercise. I know I'm far from unusual in that sentiment, but I think that changing this feeling has to be part and parcel with my mindset shake-up.

I belonged to various gyms for years (I don't currently) and always did mostly the same routines. StairMaster or elliptical machine, then weight-bearing movements. I liked the results I got (as I had a pretty good bod back then), but those gym sessions never really left me feeling as great on the inside as I looked on the outside.

After my twins were born and I was looking to regain my pre-twin body, I decided to look on Amazon for a yoga DVD. I had never legitimately tried yoga, but always wanted to. Something about the calm look on the faces of the women walking down the street to the neighborhood yoga studio, wielding their mats rolled up underneath their arms like body armor, and wearing trendy yoga gear which showed off their sinewy muscles. Yeah, I wanted to be like that!

Except that I'm not. For one, I'm not a group joiner. When I was pregnant with my first son, I went to a pre-natal yoga class. My first and only yoga class, that is. The entire time I was in the class I felt like the other women were staring at me, that I was doing every pose wrong (and I likely was), and didn't know what to do with the various blocks and paraphernalia that all the other women whipped about with precision...pregnant bellies and all. Nope, it wasn't for me. I was just too self-conscious, plain and simple.

Enter Kundalini Yoga.

When the twins were about 5 months old I went to Amazon and did a simple search of highly rated yoga DVDs. Kundalini Yoga DVDs from the married duo Ravi Singh and Ana Brett consistently came up at the top. I ordered what looked to be a good starting point, "Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Beyond". Since my core muscles were limp as noodles after having twins who were seven pounds each, these workouts were brutal at first. Getting up into the bridge position was almost impossible. But I stuck with it, and eventually built up strength and started incorporating their guided meditations into the workouts. And after a while, I stopped thinking of them as "workouts" at all, even though I was dripping with sweat. It was "me" time.

But the care of three small children, a full-time career and a disintegrating marriage took its toll, and I ceased with "me" time. I'm really looking forward to getting it back.


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